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16% of the general public in Pakistan owns and/or uses a bank account.


According to a survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan for the State Bank of Pakistan, 16% Pakistanis claim to own and/or use a bank account, including a traditional bank account as well as a mobile account. These results are a part of the nationwide Access to Finance Study conducted by the State Bank of Pakistan in 2015 with the intent of determining the degree of financial inclusiveness of the Pakistani public (please refer to page # 2 for more details).

This press release is part of a special series that aims to foster an empirical understanding of financial inclusion in Pakistan and to create a collaborative network of individuals working on the topic. This press release addresses the current proportion of Pakistanis that are included in the formal banking sector of the Country. Although 16% is still a rather small portion of the population, this figure is on the rise. In 2008, the segment of the Pakistani population that was using bank accounts stood at 8%. Thus, in the following seven years, that proportion has risen by 5%.

A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked, “I will now ask you about your experience with financial services. I am going to tell you financial services and products. For each of them, please tell me if you use it or have it now.” In response to this question, 14% Pakistanis said that they have or use a traditional bank account. A traditional bank account includes a post office saving account, someone’s post office savings account, basic banking account, current or cheque account, PLS/Saving account, Someone’s bank account, term deposit account, Islamic current or savings account and account used to get assistance money from the government. Furthermore, 3% Pakistanis said that they have and/or use a mobile account. Thus, this proportion included people who had their own mobile account and those who were using someone else’s mobile account. 1% of the Pakistani population was using both a traditional bank account and a mobile account.