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1998-2017: 13% rise in the proportion of urban Pakistanis who are pessimistic about the economic future of the country in the coming year.


According to a Gallup Pakistan National Survey conducted in the year 1998 (19 years ago) respondents in urban Pakistan were asked, “Compared to previous year, how will the economic conditions of Pakistan differ in 1999? Will they be better, worse or remain the same?” In response to this question, 51% said the economic condition would be better, 17% said it would be worse and 32% said there would be no difference.

Comparative Picture: The question was asked again in 2017 to enable a concrete comparison. In 2017, 45% said they would be better, 30% said they would be worse and 25% said there would be no difference.

Between 1998 and 2017, there has been an 6% decrease in the proportion of Pakistanis who believe the new year for Pakistan would be better economically than the last year, while there has been a 13% increase in the proportion of Pakistanis who say it will be worse.