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2013 Elections Exit Poll: The edge of victory of PML-N over PTI declined as education and income level of voters rose, and hiked for voters among the older age cohorts.


Introduction to the series on Gallup Pakistan Electoral Repository:

This press release is part of a special press release that aims to provide the readers interesting findings from Gallup Pakistan’s electoral database. Empirical analysis of elections in Pakistan is quite restricted and the Gallup Pakistan Exit Poll, on which this press release is based, is the only Exit Poll in the country providing a window into the minds of Voters on issues like who voted for whom and why? The Gallup Pakistan Electoral Repository program aims to fill this void of dearth of data in anticipation of the 11th General Elections in the country. The press releases, as part of this programme, are geared towards academics and policy makers as well as voters for the next general and provincial elections. For more information on the programme please contact Gallup Pakistan (isb@gallup.com.pk).


This particular press release provides an overview of the demographic divide amongst voters in the previous election of 2013. Findings on demographic divide indicate how voter behavior varies among different education and income levels, across different age groups, for different genders. Comparing voter behavior over these can help policymakers understand the implications of low education and income levels on political processes. It can also help understand how voters’ influence on election results varies across different age groups and gender.