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In a global survey, 3 in 5 (60%) respondents opine that gender equality has been achieved in media. Nearly equal proportion of Pakistanis share the view (Gallup Pakistan & WIN World Survey 2019)


Islamabad, 13 March, 2020

According to WIN World Survey (an association of survey firms), 60% respondents over the world say that gender equality in media has definitely or to some extent been achieved in their country.

This is a series of polls being released in honor of International Women’s Day, celebrated on the 8th of March every year.

A sample of 29,368 men and women from 40 countries across the globe was asked, “Would you say gender equality has been definitely/to some extent/not really/not at all achieved in your country in media?” 60% of respondents in participating countries say that gender equality in media has definitely or to some extent been achieved in their country, while 34% say that it has not really, or not at all been achieved. 6% did not know or did not respond. Globally, the net index for gender equality (% Definitely achieved + To some extent achieved) – (% Not really achieved + Not at all achieved) in media is 26%. 

Results for Pakistan similar to rest of the world
Respondents from Pakistan had similar views, with 63% saying gender equality is definitely or to some achieved, while 34% disagreed. Net index for Pakistan is 29%, slightly higher than the global average.

Global gender breakdown: Males more optimistic about gender equality in the media
Analysis on the basis of gender shows that 64% males, and 58% females were of the opinion that gender equality in media has been achieved. 

Country wise analysis: Japan ranks significantly lower compared to the world
Of the 40 countries surveyed, all except Japan have a positive net index for gender equality in media. Lebanon ranks the highest with a net index of 84%, followed by Greece at 55%. In contrast, Japan has the lowest index at -32%, which is significantly less than France which ranks the second last with 4%.