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40 Years of Polling on Transportation in Pakistan 1979-2019


Perceptions of Pakistani Public About Transport and Transport Related Issues

The main findings of the report are as follows:

  • Personal cars are a preferred means of transport by Pakistanis, as opposed to buses, rickshaws and trains.
  • However, a very low percentage of Pakistanis own a personal car as a means of transportation; majority uses motorcycles or buses for day to day travel within the city.
  • Public transport is widely used by Pakistanis; however majority reported to be dissatisfied with the quality of service in their area.
  • Car hailing apps have recently gained popularity but usage still remains low.
  • Use of CNG for transport has shown a sharp decline since 2008. Concurrently, petrol and diesel have gained popularity and are more widely used.
  • Pakistanis show support for transport schemes initiated by the government of Nawaz Sharif; 44% in 2015 were of the opinion that it will have a positive effect on the economy.