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40 Years of Polling on Women & Gender Related Issues in Pakistan


The main findings of the report are as follows:

  • WOMEN AND EDUCATION : There is a sharp decline in many types of taboos and regressive beliefs about Women Education in Pakistan.
  • WOMEN AND OCCUPATION : More than half Pakistanis now believe that women should be allowed to work if they want, however ifs and buts are still prevalent.
  • WOMEN AND INHERITANCE : A majority of Pakistanis claim to give a share of inheritance to the women of their family.
  • WOMEN AND LAND MATTERS : Women are involved in the decision making of land matters , increasingly more in the country.
  • WOMEN AND SPORTS :More than half the Pakistani population thinks that women should take part in sporting activities.
  • WOMEN AND HIJAB : Majority supports the idea of hijab being made compulsory for women, however the trend sees a slow decline in the country.
  • WOMEN AND ELECTIONS : More than half the Pakistanis approve of women contesting elections, a fairly consistent high since past 4 decades.
  • WOMEN AND HOUSEHOLD CHORES : Women are considered solely responsible for household domestic chores, however a decline in sole responsibility view can be seen.