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55% Pakistanis Use Vans/Buses For Traveling Within Their Locality; 70% Commuters Using Vans/Buses Complain Of Rising Fares


According to the results of a recent Gilani Poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan, buses and vans are the most popular means of transport for Pakistanis, with 55% using them to commute within their locality. 70% of the people who travel in buses and vans claim to be faced with the problem of rising fares.

In the survey, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the country were asked the following question, What means of transport do you use for traveling within your city/village? Results show that buses and vans are the single most popular means of intra-city transport, with 55% respondents saying that they travel within their locality in buses or vans. 44%, on the other hand, said they use other means and 1% did not respond.