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88% favor PPP-PML(N) Alliance


As newly elected Parliamentary leaders are sworn in, there is remarkably high support for national reconciliation in the country. Nation-wide polls conducted by Gallup Pakistan a week ahead of the first National Assembly session reveal the Pakistan People’s Party enjoys high level of public opinion support for its policy of allying with its historic competitor the PML(N) led by Nawaz Sharif. In comparison the support to ally with PML(Q), the party enjoying favor with General Pervez Musharraf in the last tenure is rather low. Eighty Eight percent (88%) of the respondents in a nation-wide public opinion poll favored a PPP-PML(N) alliance in the newly elected National Assembly as opposed to only 18% who favored a PPP-PML(Q) alliance.

The findings are based on a survey carried out among a nationally representative sample of men and women in the rural and urban areas of all four provinces in Pakistan, comprising a cross-section of all age, income and socio-economic groups. The sample size was 1416 and the fieldwork was carried out during March 9-10, 2008. The survey was conducted face to face and the error margin for a survey of this kind is approximately 3-5 % at 95% confidence level

Detail survey findings: