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A majority of urbanites reportedly had a person with flu in their homes


According to results of a survey on Health conducted by Gallup Pakistan, a significant majority of Pakistan’s urban population had a person with flu in their homes at the onset of the winter season.

The survey, conducted in October 2006, showed that 62% of the respondents claimed to have at least one person in their family suffering from the flu during the previous month.

For treatment, less than half of the urbanites (42%) prefer to go to the doctor, just over one-fifth (22%) take a medicine on their own, while 15% rely on herbal tea (Joshanda). 12% find a cure by focusing on what they eat and 4% rely on rest, whereas 4% do not take any sort of precautions for their flu.

This survey was conducted by Gallup Pakistan, affiliated with Gallup International, on a sample of over 2000 respondents in the urban areas of all four provinces of Pakistan. This sample was statistically selected across all ages, income groups and educational levels. The error margin for a sample of this kind is estimated to be + 5% at a 95% confidence level