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Ad Expenditure Software (AdEx)

The Gallup Pakistan Print Media Advertisement Monitoring database is a collection of Advertisements data compiled from 30 Urdu and English dailies and magazines of Pakistan. The system maintains a documentation of all ads that appeared in the various print media as well as their costs. Through the continual monitoring, the database provides information about the money expended on advertisements based on their value, print area and number of ads.

AdEx is custom made for the advertisers to help them analyze the choice of media keeping in consideration their budget constraints. Apart from providing precise calculation for the budget allotted to advertising by the various brands, the software also gives estimation for the share of voice for various brands and categories. The following summarizes the salient features of the software system:

  • Daily Adex by newspaper name
  • Adex summary by category
  • Share of voice for a brand

In doing so, the software helps answer the following fundamental questions:

  • who advertises in which newspaper and the ad’s value in terms of the budget spent daily/monthly/annually
  • which newspaper gets advertising from which govt. & commercial clients

Who should use the software

  • Advertisers who want to choose from the most suitable daily
  • Newspapers who seek potential clients from where they get can business