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Admission Into Educational Institutions; Majority (50%) Do Not View It As A Merit-based Process Despite Views Becoming More Favorable In The Past Decade


The results of a recent Gilani poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan show that views are divided about the admission process for educational institutions; 40% Pakistanis consider it to be a merit-based process while 50% do not think so. A comparison with results of a similar survey conducted in 2000 shows that views in this regard have become more positive than before, particularly in rural areas where the percentage of people considering the process merit-based has almost doubled during this period. (20% to 44%)

A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the country were asked the following question: “Do you think admissions into educational institutions are merit-based?” Results show that while a significant 40% of the respondents believe that this process is merit-based and only deserving students get admitted into educational institutions, a majority of 50% of the respondents think this is not so. 10% said that they did not know.