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Behavioural Economics Workshop ( 29th March, Islamabad Club)



A day long workshop on ‘Behavioural Economics in Practice for Social and Economic Research’ was held on the 29th of March at Islamabad Club by Gallup Pakistan. It was attended by representatives from the domains of development, academia, health and telecommunications amongst others. Some of the organizations that participated in this training were UNDP, The Citizens Foundation, Pakistan Micro Finance Network, Carnelian, British Council, PPAF, Telenor and Adam Smith International.

The workshop kicked off with a talk by Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gilani on ‘Evidence-Based Policy Making’, followed by short, fun, interactive and information-packed sessions by Umar Taj that highlighted key behavioural economic principles and their practical application to product and service design. Umar is a Doctoral Researcher in the Behavioural Science Group at Warwick Business School, and also holds an MSc in Decision Science from the London School of Economics.  He has also been working as a behavioural consultant for Gallup Pakistan for social development projects with World Bank, UNDP, USAID and DFID to name a few.

This workshop provided participants with the technical tools required to apply a structured approach to programme design and implementation; that incorporates behavioural and economic theory at every stage to maximize programme and policy effectiveness. The program also included breaks for refreshments, allowing participants the opportunity to interact with the facilitators and network with fellow participants from a diverse range of fields.

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