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Between 2006 and 2018; 67% fall in the proportion of Pakistanis who believe that the rate of terrorism has increased during the last few years in the country. Public perception regarding increasing terrorism was highest in 2008 at 83%.


In a Gallup & Gilani Pakistan National Survey conducted in the year 2006, i.e., 12 years ago, respondents were asked, “In your view, has the rate of terrorism increased, remained the same or decreased during the last few years?”  In response to this question, 77% said it has increased, 4% said it has decreased and 19% said there has been no change.

Comparative Picture:The question was asked again in 2018 to enable a comparison to be made across the years. In 2018, only 10% said it has increased, 57% said it has decreased, 27% said there has been no change and 6% did not respond or know.

Overall, there has been a decrease of 67 percentage-points in the proportion of Pakistanis who say that the rate of terrorism in the country has increased. However, the percentage of respondents that said terrorism increased peaked to 83% in 2008 and to 73% in 2009.  Proportion of Pakistanis who say that terrorism has decreased rose by 53% from 2016 onwards due to successful military campaigns against terrorism.

This press release has been made as part of the Gallup Pakistan History Project which aims to release historical empirical polling data to wider audiences. The objective is to sustain and encourage empirical decision making in Pakistan.