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Between 2007-2020, nearly half Pakistanis opine that children should choose their own occupation, the highest figure was recorded in 2020 at 59% (Gallup & Gilani Pakistan Poll)


Islamabad, March 3, 2020

In a Gallup & Gilani Pakistan National Survey conducted in the year 2007, respondents were asked “In your opinion which profession should children choose? The one their parents like for them or the one they like for themselves?”” In response, 57% said they should follow their own choice while 43% said they should follow their parents’ choice.

Comparative Picture: This question was asked again in 2020 to enable a comparison to be made across the years. In 2020, 59% said children should follow their own choice while 38% said they should follow their parents’ choice.

Trend Analysis: The opinion of respondents over said issue has been fluctuating over the years, the highest percentage of respondent in favor of children’s own choice was recorded in 2020 at 59%, while the lowest percentage was recorded in 2018 when only 44% opined that children should make their own choice.

Implication of this finding: The rise and fall of responses for children following their own choice is closely mimicking the grander economic trend. The lowest figures were recorded between 2009-2011 and 2016-2018, when the Pakistani economy was in recession with high rates of inflation. Indicating that in periods of distress respondents expected children to opt for safer professions instead of following their own choice.

This press release has been made as part of the Gallup Pakistan History Project which aims to release historical empirical polling data to wider audiences. The objective is to sustain and encourage empirical decision making in Pakistan.