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Between 2014-2020, 31% rise in the proportion of Pakistanis who felt reluctant to get their child vaccinated (Gallup & Gilani Pakistan Poll)


Islamabad, March 31, 2020

In a Gallup & Gilani Pakistan National Survey conducted in the year 2002, respondents were asked “Have you ever felt hesitant while getting your child (aged 5 years old or younger) vaccinated?” In response, 18% said yes while 81% said no. 

Comparative Picture: This question was asked again in 2020 to enable a comparison to be made across the years. In 2020, 49% said yes, while 51% said no. 

Implication of this finding: Despite continued government and NGO efforts to curb Polio from Pakistan and to vaccinate children across the country, there is a significant 31% rise among respondents who feel reluctant to get their children vaccinated. With the re-emergence of Polio cases in Pakistan it is ever more important to fight misinformation regarding vaccination, and to educate the masses on the benefits of vaccines and their role in protecting children against harmful diseases and child mortality.  

This press release has been made as part of the Gallup Pakistan History Project which aims to release historical empirical polling data to wider audiences. The objective is to sustain and encourage empirical decision making in Pakistan.