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Breast-Feeding Monitoring Study for Save the Children


This study focused on the importance of early breast-feeding and the reasons for mothers to be aware of this importance. The main objectives were to determine what influences a mother to make her choices for feeding her newborn, including the impact of the immediate surrounding on the women/family’s decision making. It also gauged the role of governments in bad feeding practices because they do not monitor Code violations or neglect to provide an enabling environment for mothers to breast-feed. Additionally, the role of companies who violate the Code was also monitored along with the impact of health practitioners who reinforce inappropriate recommendations. Of particular interest was to what extent health workers are targeted by companies producing breast-milk substitutes (BMS), encouraging them to promote their products to mothers. There were three groups for gathering information comprising of mothers with infants up to 6 months of age, health Professionals and information items on infant feeding in Health Facilities. The sample was nationally representative of 4800 individuals.