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Celebrations and Festivals



The basic purpose of this Report is to start a meaningful debate on the issue
of Polling Research on Society and Festivals in Pakistan and identify avenues
of further improvement. We admit that during the last 30 years we often
asked inappropriate questions or did not maintain a time series as we should
have. Moreover, our questions were not always informed by Relevant Experts
knowledge. Hopefully in the future, we will frame more ‘informed questions’ in
a more ‘informed framework’.

While recognizing its limitations, what we have and present here, provides
approximations to Perceptions on a wide variety of Social issues, which may
otherwise be unavailable in a scientific fashion.
We present this to generate a constructive debate between Sociologists,
Anthropologists and related Professionals working on Social Issues and Survey
Researchers. The two can join hands to produce valuable Research and
teaching materials for Concerned Professionals.