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Close of year 2016: 3 out of 4 Pakistanis say they are happy with their life, 1 in 2 are pessimistic about the upcoming year, yet economic optimism is high, Pakistan among top ten economically optimist nations of the world.


According to a Gallup International Survey conducted by its Pakistani affiliate, Gallup Pakistan, at the start of the year 2017, 3 out of 4 Pakistanis are happy with their personal lives currently, but 1 in 2 are pessimistic about the future. Furthermore in terms of global comparison, Pakistan ranks 12th in terms of happiness in this 66 countries research, 24th in terms of general hope for next year and 10th in terms of economic optimism.

These interesting findings have emerged out of a 66 country research covering more than 85% of world population conducted by Gallup International (founded by the world renowned scholar and pollster Dr. George Gallup in 1947). The study comprised internationally of 66,541 respondents covering different ethnicities, regions, religions, age and gender. The complete report on Pakistan can be viewed on http://gallup.com.pk/happiness-hope-and-economic-optimism-annual-report-in-pakistan/ and the international results on http://www.wingia.com/en/services/end_of_year_survey_2016/10/. This study has been conducted every year in Pakistan and globally for the past 40 years and is unique in terms of sample size, coverage and longitudinal analysis.