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Continuous Research

Gallup Pakistan engages in a range of continuous research activities year in, year out. The particular nature of the studies makes them most suited to monitoring and tracking the customer behavior and preferences across products.

Gallup Pakistan maintains its own panel comprising of a national sample, who reveal their media and preferences to us very week. The details of the panel are as follows:

Gallup Pakistan Media Panel

Gallup Pakistan has been providing ratings for television viewer ship in Pakistan since 1994. Over the years, the Gallup Pakistan TV Ratings have gained widespread acceptance amongst advertisers, the advertising agencies and the Media and are now taken as the common currency among them for TV ad scheduling, evaluation and costing purposes. The service is based on a continuous viewer panel of participants, representing the urban and rural population of Pakistan.

The panel provides ratings for both terrestrial and satellite channels. The information is obtained through the diary system which are personally placed and collected by our interviewers.


In order to gain representative and meaningful responses, the panel composition has been adjusted to comply with the overall characteristics of the Pakistani population in terms of gender, age, education, and income groups.