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Counseling Session on Entrepreneurship Vs. Career (Mr. Saif ul Haq- CEO, CGC)


On August 13th, Saif ul Haq, Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School and Founding CEO CGC Burgers, gave a counseling session on the challenges and benefits of opting for a career-path vs. entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Discussing his own experiences, he guided the interns on the importance of developing a niche in the highly potential, 7th largest market in the world. He also discussed the challenges of running a business with lackluster legal assistance and prevalent moral dilemmas in Pakistan. In a comparative analysis, Mr. Saif also highlighted the stability available in a career and the risks involved with entrepreneurship. He also conducted one-on-one counseling with the interns where he provided guidance with regards to specific career and education plans to the interns.