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Death Penalty in Pakistan: A Report on Public Opinion by Gallup Pakistan


According to this survey, public opinion on death penalty in Pakistan remained relatively consistent with a majority believing in using death penalties to deter potential criminals from crime and as a punishment for the offenders. Breakdowns in public opinion according to location, gender and provinces however revealed some differences. In all four provinces, public opinion remained rigid and consistent with respondents in KPK advocating for death penalties in almost all hypothetical situations in the greatest numbers. Other provinces tended to exhibit lesser consistency in their opinion. In the gender breakdown, differences in male and female opinion arose particularly when there was a gender related issue involved in the crime (e.g. a woman killing her husband because of domestic abuse). Lastly, there were very predictable differences between rural and urban areas with a greater number of respondents in rural areas endorsing death penalties in any situation as compared to respondents in urban areas.