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East Asia


The East Asia poll by WIN Gallup International  was conducted in 11 Asian Nations broadly to the East of India. The poll was conducted in all parts of the Region and included nationally representative polls in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea among nations sometimes referred to as the Confucian culture nations, as well as key nations among the Southeastern bloc of nations called ASEAN as well as Australia and Fiji as Australian and Pacific nations of East Asia .The ASEAN nations included in the survey were : Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

As a Group of nations 34% in East Asia supported UN Sanctions while 60% opposed, thus giving a Net Score of – 26%.

The following analysis was done by Marcus Goh of Wisdom Asia -WIN Gallup International (contact details available at the end of the document), in consultation with colleagues from other fellow Members of the Global Polling Network. The author points out and explains the similarities and differences across various parts of East Asia.