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Entrepreneurial Culture In Pakistan: Nearly 40% Pakistanis Say That They Have A New Idea For Improving Lives Of People In Their Community


Gilani Research Foundation and Gallup Pakistan recently participated in a Global Poll coordinated by BBC World, Globescan and PIPA on the entrepreneurial culture of different nations; the results show that nearly 40% of Pakistanis say that they have had innovative ideas to improve the lives of people in their community while globally 51% people claim to have new ideas for improving lives of people in their community.

In a survey, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the country were asked the following question: “Have you ever had a new idea for improving lives of people in your community?” As many as forty percent (40%) respondents claimed to have thought of new ideas in this regard while another significant 48% never had a new idea to improve lives of people in their community and 12% did not respond.