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Gallup Pakistan AdTrak Services for Print & Media

Gallup Pakistan is the pioneer in Electronic Media Advertising Monitoring in Pakistan. Since its launch in 1989, the service has been providing a pool of valuable knowledge of the Electronic media Advertising to its Clients. Owing to its vast experience in the field, the database is to date the largest and most credible source of information on Advertising Expenditure in Pakistan.

Gallup Pakistan AdTrak Services for Print & Media is the only service that offers audience and advertising data built into a single database. This enables the Clients to compute the per-thousand costs for their own and competitors’ advertising conveniently. The database is a historic database that also allows comparisons to be made across various years and analysis to be drawn on the changing advertising habits for the client’s own and competitors’ spending.

The service offers user-friendly, menu-driven customized software along with monitoring of raw data. In this way the Client can analyze the data according to their specific needs at their own premises.

The AdTrak Services for Print & Media service is devised to provide the three main services to the Client as follows:

Ad Monitoring

The Monitoring service provides with:

  • Spot Transmission Report – reports the status of the Client spots that were aired with respect to the day, date, channel, time, program, position and duration of transmission.
  • Fault and Deviation Report – reports the details of faulty and unscheduled spot transmissions of the concerned channel


This service provides detailed information about Competitive Spot Transmission on all channels covering all brands pertaining to a given product category.

Share of Voice Estimate

The share of voice report is prepared for different product categories and industries. Updated on a monthly basis, it covers information about total number of ads, total commercial time and its expenditure along with percentage shares.

The report helps you compare your brand’s share of voice vis-à-vis your competitors’. Additionally, it allows comparisons to be made between sales and advertising expenditure for various brands.

Transmission Profile and Clutter Report

Proper planning and inserting ads at the right time, the right place and the right program is the art of media planner. Considering the need of media planners to know about ad clutter in a channel, Gallup Pakistan AtTrak offers Transmission Profile covering different genres of programmes, such as entertainment, news, sports, etc.

Special Activity Report

This report is highly useful for the clients who are sponsoring events, e.g. sports etc. the report is provided after every three to four days and gives an assessment of the Client’s ads on a day to day basis.