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Gallup Pakistan Market Segmentation Database

For any marketer, knowing and understanding the demographic and psychographic characteristics of its target population is essential.

The Population Segmentation database is a useful product of Gallup Pakistan that provides a segmentation of the urban, semi-urban as well as the rural population of Pakistan. The database is available in hard as well as soft copy.

The database has been meticulously designed to capture the latest population estimates in the Rural and Urban localities of Pakistan. With its user-friendly interface the database allows you to skim through humungous amounts of data in a few simple clicks. The database is essential for helping you obtain insights about vital characteristics of the Pakistani population. Information captured in the DBMS includes the following important statistics.

The data has been derived from the Census of 1998. It has been classified into five levels as follows:

  • District
  • Tehsil / Taluka
  • QC (Qanoon Go Halqa, Only Rural)
  • MC (Muncipal Committee, Only Urban)
  • Charge (Only Urban)
  • PC (Petwar Circle, Only Rural)
  • TC (Town Committee, Only Urban)
  • Village (only Rural)
  • Circle (only Urban)

Search can be conducted on the various levels, for the following attributes:

  • Male & Female Population
  • Literacy ratio
  • Housing characteristics (kaccha./pacca)
  • Size of Households
The database allows the user to carry out District wise comparisons of the statistics. Conversely, a selection of Districts can be merged into a group and the combined characteristics observed.

All results can easily be exported to excel.
How would it benefit you?

  • To develop your customized segmentation of the urban, semi-urban and rural market
  • To have easy access to key information regarding any village, town or city of Pakistan
  • To facilitate the marketing professionals in analyzing, planning and segmenting the urban and rural market