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Gallup Pakistan Summer Internship Program – Batch 2


Our second batch  of interns worked with us for a period of four weeks. We had interns from local as well as foreign universities, based in Lahore, London and Massachusetts. These interns worked on projects in the fields of social science, social media, local & global polling and financial inclusion. They undertook tasks in data and trend analysis, report writing, translations and creating presentations. Their work on “Digital Financial Services” has greatly helped them understand core concepts related to data mining, draw comparisons, assess feasibility, analyze the microfinance market and develop a strong foundation in interpreting macroeconomic data.

 They also assisted the Media Department with content analysis for electronic/print media and worked with the IT Department on upgrading the website. During the internship , the interns were rigorously exposed to Gallup Pakistan’s vast repository of Survey Research Data, collected over 36 years of the institution’s presence –  allowing them to gain insight into the theoretical and practical dimensions of research.