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Gallup Pakistan undertakes fieldwork for Gates Cambridge Scholar, Ms. Aliya Khalid


Gallup Pakistan recently undertook fieldwork for Ms. Aliya Khalid, who is pursuing her PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge. Ms. Khalid is also a recipient of the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship and a Member of the Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Center.

Our work on this study mainly involved fieldwork in three villages of Sargodha district with the aim to explore the maternal influence on domestic decisions and learning for daughters in Pakistan. The objective of this survey phase was to recruit households with particular characteristics relevant to the study so that the client could use them for in-depth interviews she had planned for collecting qualitative data at a later stage. These households were to be a mix of schooled and unschooled mothers with daughters at various stages of educational attainment. The purpose was to include a wide variety of cases in the exploration for rich and informed insights. The fieldwork was pragmatic in nature and thus challenging due to the specific demands of the study but we were able to overcome the obstacles in cooperation with the client. The team at Gallup greatly enjoyed working on this project and actively remained in touch with Ms. Khalid during the in-depth interviews to ensure successful completion of the fieldwork process. Some pictures from this stage can be found below this post.

Ms. Aliya Khalid’s study was very interesting and one of social relevance – endeavors to tackle issues like the ones she was exploring have great potential to contribute to societal reform, influence policy and act as impetuses on the road to effectuate real change.

Ms. Khalid’s testimonial on collaboration with Gallup Pakistan:

“I appreciate the efficiency with which the Gallup team supported my study. Once the project was accepted the team ensured that it was a success even if it meant working beyond office hours and during weekends. My project was intense in the sense that there was a good deal of work to be completed in a very short period of time, this kind of professionalism led to the successful completion of the study.”

A more detailed profile of Ms. Khalid is available at: https://www.gatescambridge.org/members-area/connect/directory/scholar/7052.

You can also read up more on her vision for female education in Pakistan at: https://www.gatescambridge.org/news/how-mothers-affect-their-daughters-education