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Gallup Pakistan undertakes qualitative work for Stanford University PhD Candidate, Ms. Mashail Malik


Gallup Pakistan recently provided research assistance in conducting qualitative work for Mashail Malik, who is pursuing a PhD in Political Science at Stanford University.

The study primarily involved collecting qualitative data through focus groups in Karachi, the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan. The aim of this study is to to gather respondents opinions on how Karachi has been governed and their assessment of/involvement in the politics of the city. Other topics of interest are political behavior, views on ethnic parties, and political efficacy. The aim is to shed light on questions like : Is voting behavior socially sanctioned/rewarded? Do respondents feel discriminated against on the basis of their ethnicity? Do people feel there is something they could do to remedy the governance challenges that affect their lives most? And when they face trouble with public service provision, where do they go to get help?