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Gallup Pakistan’s FinDev Cyberletter – A monthly newsletter on Financial Inclusion: Fifteenth Edition


In this issue:

Fintech, Islamic Finance gain momentum

Fintech and Islamic Finance are the globally emerging phenomenon is not only restricted to Middle East or Muslim countries rather it has captivated its roots all over the world.

The Role of Digital Financial Inclusion in Preparing for Older Age and Retirement

As populations age and birth rates decline in many parts of the world, digital solutions have an important role to play in ensuring financial well-being for older adults.

Over 17 organizations come together with Jazz to discuss digitization trends and opportunities in Pakistan

As a recognized thought leader in the area, Jazz recently conducted a ‘Digital Opportunities’ round-table conference with industry leaders and media personnel belonging to over 17 different organizations.

‘S PAISA’ quick money transfer service launched in AJK

Special Communications Organization has launched ‘S PAISA’ quick money transfer service in AJK to facilitate the people seeking quick transfer and receipt of the money to and from their aspirant destinations.

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