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Global Barometer of Hope and Despair for 2011 – Volume 3


The End of Year Survey (EOY) also called as “Global Barometer of Hope and Despair” was initialed by Gallup International Association (GIA) in 1977. The initial survey was carried out by 20 countries and was led by Dr. George Gallup. Since then, the survey has been conducted every year across the globe. The survey explores Public “Hope and Despair” about the coming year. In 2010 over 64,000 men and women statistically selected in 53 countries from across all countries were asked their perceptions about 2011.   This Report is based on the survey carried out in October‐December 2010 by leading pollsters associated with WIN‐Gallup International.

This Report is the third in the series of Reports based on this Global Survey. The other two are as follows:

Volume 1: Global Barometer of Hope and Despair: 2011 (Statistical Report)

Volume 2: Global Barometer of Hope and Despair: 2011 (Country Trends)


The Volume 1 and Volume 2 can be downloaded from Gallup Pakistan website: www.gallup.com.pk