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Global Happiness Index – 2012


Findings based on responses from more than 52,000 scientifically selected cross-section of Men and Women from all socioeconomic classes from across the globe. The interviews were conducted by leading pollsters across the world.

A new global poll conducted on the eve of new year shows that low hopes for the economy fail to dampen a feeling of Happiness at new year. Thus when asked: Global Barometer of HAPPINESS FOR 2011 The World‟s First Global Barometer 1977-2011 [ 8 ] Are you happy or unhappy, the global net happiness stands at 40% showing that the “happy” outnumber the “unhappy” by 40% points. The global survey was carried out by the world‟s largest independent network of opinion pollsters, WIN-Gallup International in over 58 countries (52,913 interviews), covering the vast majority of world population.