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Global Opinion Poll on Osama Bin Laden


Global Survey finds widespread support for American action against Osama bin Laden. However views are divided on the impact of OBL death on terrorism in the world and only half of the survey respondents are certain that OBL was actually killed.

According to the first global poll after the event, there is widespread support across the world with 81% supporting American action against Osama bin Laden in which he was killed on May 2 this year. The supporters of the action are however divided between full supporters of the action which includes bin Laden being killed, accounting for 39% of the global sample and those who lend qualified support, 42%, saying they objected to the manner of the action and would have preferred to see Osama bin Laden arrested rather than killed. Only 9% globally opposed the American action, whereas 10% did not respond, mostly saying they were undecided or did not know.