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GLOBAL POLL SHOWS LOW CONFIDENCE IN VACCINES: UK leads confidence crisis among the 5 nations that were polled; Pakistan ranks 2nd in Hesitancy.


A recent global study released by Vaccine Confidence Group at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in its Annual Vaccine Confidence Report 2015 (for which survey expertise was provided by Gallup Pakistan and ORB UK) reveals that confidence in vaccines, including polio vaccine, is not limited to poor countries of Asia and Africa. In fact the study shows that UK leads the Vaccine Confidence crisis among the five countries polled in this first ever poll of its kind. When asked “Have you ever hesitated/been reluctant to have your youngest child (who is 5 years or under) vaccinated?”, the poll shows UK topped the list with 25% hesitants, followed by Pakistan at 14%, India at 13%, Nigeria at 9% and Georgia at 7%.

The poll was done among a national cross-section of 1000 or more men and women in each of the five countries, and was representative of the parents of young children under 5 years of age.

The scientific details of the poll are provided in the attached PDF Report (English).

This global study was released by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Fieldwork in Pakistan was carried out by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International. The survey was carried out among a sample of 2609 men and women in rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, between 31 March and 7 April 2014. Error margin is estimated to be approximately ± 2-3 per cent at 95% confidence level.