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Go, North Korea, Go! 


In spite of the fact that North Korea’s nuclear program has always been a hotly debated topic, its decision to finally test nuclear bombs shocked the entire world. Accordingly, Gallup Pakistan requested its respondents to share their views and sentiments about the nuclear tests.
Most of the Pakistanis seemed to favor North Korea’s decision. In response to the question, ‘North Korea recently tested nuclear bombs. What do you think of this decision?’, 44% of the respondents replied that it was a good decision, 16% did not look upon it favorably while 40% did not offer a definite opinion.
When questioned about the repercussions of these tests and the consequences that North Korea might have had to face, 48% of the respondents felt confident that the United States will not attack North Korea, 14% admitted that there was such a possibility while 38% said that they did not know. Similarly, 49% of those questioned were of the opinion that the two major world powers and ex-allies of North Korea, China and Russia, will not support the US against North Korea. 16%, on the other hand, felt that China and Russia would side with the United States. 35% were unsure.
‘In your opinion, to what extent will the restrictions imposed on North Korea by the UN be effective?’. In response to this query, 11% of the people stated that these sanctions will be very effective, 29% believed that they would be somewhat effective, 28% felt that they would have very little effect and 26% were of the view that they would have no impact whatsoever. 6% of those questioned said that they did not know.
While it is clear that the majority of the Pakistani people support North Korea’s decision to test nuclear bombs, the reasons for doing so are not so obvious. Is it because they fail to understand the possible repercussions of such an action, is the acquiring of nuclear power considered something prestigious, or is it simply because they consider it to be North Korea’s way of standing up to the States? The last rationale seems most plausible as in spite of a government with a consistently pro-US stance, the people in Pakistan have always harbored resentment and dislike towards the United States.
These surveys and polls were conducted by Gallup Pakistan, an affiliate of Gallup International, on a sample of over 1100 respondents in urban areas of all four provinces of Pakistan. This sample was statistically selected across all ages, income groups and educational levels. The error for a sample of this kind is estimated to be +/- 5% at a 95% confidence level.