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Health Care, Lifestyles and Diseases


Research is an unexplored aspect in all fields in our country especially in health and
healthcare. As we look into the causes, we often come across certain key problems.
Firstly, there is unavailability of data from the local set up on most subjects. Consequently,
the training, education of our medical doctors and ultimately the practice of Physicians and
Health Professionals is based on facts and figures borrowed from foreign countries. They
might not be entirely applicable to our unique circumstances.

Secondly, whatever research is being carried out, generally, remains under utilized. It may be
remembered for a while after impressive presentations made at the end of huge projects. But
thereafter, their findings remain buried in fancy reports and rarely translate to policy changes
or any change in practice at the provider’s or health professional’s level.

Moreover, there appears to be a gap between the Public Health Professionals and the
practicing Physicians. Also there is lack of collaboration between Individual Organizations
working on Health, Society and related fields and the Health Professionals.

There is a growing realization of the fact that lifestyles and behaviors are instrumental in all
aspects of health, be it preventive or curative. Things like what an average Pakistani eats in a
day, do people exercise, do people know that their water can cause them any disease, do
people trust doctors and allopathic form of treatment, have people even heard of the diseases
the medical community keeps talking about, what are the myths about use of iodized salt etc.,
they might seem trivial at first look but, perhaps, knowing about them and many other aspects
can help in prevention of disease and promotion of health. The age old dictum that
prevention is better than cure probably remains true even today and is definitely more cost
effective. According to WHO estimates about 70% of burden of disease in the world can be
decreased by prevention.

With this theme in mind, as Gallup Pakistan celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we plan to
disseminate our 30 years experience of public opinion on lifestyles, healthcare and diseases
to all the stakeholders working for a Healthy Pakistan.

As we re organize our organization and activities, we look forward to your valuable
suggestions and comments so that our mutual collaboration can help us realize the aim of
“Health for All”.

Following is a collection of Survey findings related to Public opinion regarding healthcare,
diseases and lifestyles in separate sections followed by brief Research Methodology. Each
Part has a summary followed by the detailed data charts and tables.