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Health Cyberletter Health and Nutrition in Pakistan – Dec 2008


The focus of our attention in this issue of the Health Cyberletter is Health, Nutrition and Diet. Indeed diet is an important environmental factor affecting health and disease. The importance of diet is embedded in our local culture and tradition, yet many of our doctors and health professionals tend to overlook this crucial aspect. As the susceptibility genes for diseases like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases are discovered,  we must adopt a healthy life style, eat a balanced diet and do regular physical exercise to prevent these diseases. This is particularly true for those who are at risk. Undoubtedly  “prevention is better than cure”.

Our doctors and health practitioners would like to be aware of the local dietary patterns. They can then effectively advocate healthy life styles and diets and prevent the future epidemics of these non-communicable diseases. The nationally gathered data in this Cyberletter makes a modest contribution towards understanding precisely this, the local dietary habits in Pakistan.