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According to a global opinion poll released on the eve of the new year from the London headquarter of Gallup International, 22% of countries across the globe can be characterized as optimists because more than 50% of their population believed the next year will be better than the previous and 6% of the countries can be characterized as pessimists as more than 50% of their population believed that the next year will be worse than the previous. The remaining 72% are countries hanging in between these two extremes of hope and despair. According to the poll Pakistan is among the middle group. On a ladder of hope it ranks number 16 among a total of 65 countries where the poll was conducted

The survey was carried out among a statistically chosen sample of more than 67500 households in 65 selected countries across the five continents of the world. They included men and women of all races languages religions income age and educational level. The annual Gallup Poll on Hope and Despair is one of the world’s largest global opinion poll. The detailed findings can be seen on www.gallup.com.pk or www.gallup-international.com