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“How satisfied are Pakistanis with their news media as compared to publics around the world?” – News Media Ratings Comparative Report


The main findings of the report are as follows:

  • An overwhelming majority of Pakistanis (68%) follow local news closely.
  • 62% Pakistanis claim that they follow news about their own country closely.
  • Nearly half Pakistanis (46%) claim to follow international news. 
  • Indians (43%) and Pakistanis (42%) are almost at par when it comes to following news about the US. 
  • Two third Pakistanis (66%) opine it is never acceptable for a news organization to favor one political party over others when reporting the news. 
  • 3 in 5 Pakistanis (60%) believe news organizations in the country are doing well in reporting news accurately. 
  • 58% of Pakistanis are of this view that their media organizations are doing well at reporting news about government leaders and officials. 
  • In Pakistan, there is almost an even split between those who think the news media’s reporting on political issues is fair (48%) and not fair (47%). 
  • Approximately half of Pakistan (51%) believes the media is doing well when reporting the most important news. 

Pew Research Center survey can be accessed here.