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Improvements in the Job Market?


A lot of people are now seeking paid employment instead of initiating personal business ventures. Gallup Pakistan conducted a survey on employment and job security in 2005 to assess the risks and issues that paid employees have to face, the most important one obviously being unemployment.
Back in 2005, 44% of the respondents were in a full-time paid employment and 9% were in a part-time paid employment. Amongst those questioned, 69% considered their employment to be safe, 10% were concerned about the possibility of losing their current job while 11% were unsure. 33% felt they will be able to find a new job fairly quickly, 43% worried that it might take a long time, 6% claimed that they would not even look for another job while 33% said that they are unsure.
When questioned about their past experiences, 32% admitted that they had had to face unemployment in the past while the remaining had never been unemployed. Amongst those who had been unemployed, 19% had been unemployed for less than 3 months, 18% had been unemployed for 4-6 months 25% had been unemployed for 6-12 months and 26% had been unemployed for over a year.
The risk of losing one’s job brings with it the fear of being unable to maintain one’s current living standards. When asked about any such fears, 24% of the people admitted that they were concerned about being able to maintain their present standard of living, 26% were unsure and 49% were confident of their abilities to maintain their current lifestyle. On the other hand, only 38% felt that they possessed the resources that could help them improve their future income while the others felt that they did not have any such resources.
When the question of job satisfaction was raised, 58% of the respondents claimed that they were satisfied. While 28% of the respondents felt very satisfied, 14 % were not at all satisfied with their job.
When similar questions were asked in the year 2006, 29% stated that they were in full-time job and 10% said that they were in a part-time paid employment. While these percentages are fairly similar to those calculated in the year 2005, there does seem to be a slight increase in job insecurity as 21% of the people questioned felt concerned about losing their job. 68% of the people considered their job secure while 11% said that they did not know.
Neither can one cite any particular improvement in the overall job market. Relative to 2005, only 26% of those questioned in 2006 were confident about finding a new job fairly quickly if they became unemployed, 52% worried that it would take a long time and 14% were unsure.
These surveys and polls were conducted by Gallup Pakistan, an affiliate of Gallup International, on a sample of over 1100 respondents in urban areas of all four provinces of Pakistan. This sample was statistically selected across all ages, income groups and educational levels. The error margin for a sample of this kind is estimated to be +/- 5% at a 95% confidence level.