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Independence Day Report


Gallup Pakistan (the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International) is pleased to release a Report on State of Public Opinion in Pakistan on the Eve of Pakistan’s 69th Independence Celebration.

Gallup Pakistan, since its inception in 1980 has been working in the field of social and economic research, gathering public opinion data from people from all walks of life and covering Pakistan’s vast geography from Khyber to Karachi. Under the Gallup Pakistan History Project, we have tried to create a repository of polling data of past 36 years and through various programs made the data available to researchers and academics in a bid to create an empirical understanding of Pakistani Society.

This Report aims to achieve the same objective and brings together polls from Social, Political and Economic spheres of life. The data provides not only Cross Sectional Analysis on demographics such as Gender, Age, and Education but also provides a Trend wise analysis for a selected set of Questions.

The Report is broadly divided into 4 sections:

i. Views on the Partition of the Indian Subcontinent
ii. Views on Pakistan’s Progress since 1947 on Social, Political Development
iii. Views on Selected Social Issues
iv. Relations with India vis-à-vis Kashmir Issue

We hope that this report would add to larger body of knowledge and academic work about Pakistan and its current and future state.