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Intern Presentations with the Executive Director, Mr. Bilal Gilani


The Gallup Pakistan Summer Internship Program concluded with the interns presenting briefly on a few of the major projects they undertook during their four weeks at the office, to our Executive Director, Mr. Bilal Gilani. Nimra Ejaz and Amina Shah presented on the Gallup Pakistan Weekly V-log, a recent initiative that aims to make our research and findings more accessible to the average Pakistani through regular podcasts. Zoeya Fiyaz presented on the Pakistan National Student Survey, an upcoming project that has been inspired from a student survey in the United Kingdom and hopes to achieve a fairer ranking of universities in Pakistan, based on student perceptions and experiences. Areesha Najam and Amina Shah presented on detailed breakdowns from a study on social media and its various dynamics. Mr. Gilani was pleased with the interns’ achievements and provided feedback to help them improve on various aspects, to really maximise their learning potential.DSC03907 DSC03908 DSC03913 DSC03917 DSC03918 DSC03921 DSC03924 DSC03925 DSC03930 DSC03931 DSC03937 DSC03940 DSC03942 DSC03943 DSC03944 DSC03945