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Intern Session on Online Survey Design (Mr. Manzer Ehsan)


On 20th July, Gallup Pakistan’s IT Manager, Mr.Manzar Ehsan held a workshop with the second batch of Gallup Pakistan’s summer interns and introduced them to online survey design. Online surveys are a useful and important tool in research as they allow for more accurate and speedy results and analysis.

Mr. Ehsan walked them through the entire process: how to tailor online platforms to suit different survey needs,  for specifying questions and to allow for various responses. The interns were taught how to divide the survey into sections and how to choose different templates and formats to make survey design more appealing. Another important tool discussed were logical steps that should be followed in order to prevent repetition and to ensure filtering in a way that only questions that are applicable to the particular respondent are displayed.

The workshop proved to be an essential learning experience for the interns as it will not only help them during their internship at Gallup but will also help them in any research work they undertake in the future.


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