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Majority considers fresh food items superior to frozen foods.


According to a recent study conducted by Gallup Pakistan 60 percent of urban Pakistanis believe that food items stored in a freezer are inferior to fresh food. More than one thousand statistically selected men and women spread all over the urban areas of the four provinces of Pakistan were asked: “Whether they considered food items stored in a freezer as good as fresh food items or inferior to them?” Forty percent (40%) considered the two to be equally good while 60% said they believed food items stored in a freezer were not as good as fresh food. The survey revealed interesting regional variations on this subject. The Pushto speaking population in the NWFP as well as Balochistan was less critical of freezer stored food compared to the rest of the country. The survey shows an interesting relationship between education and the acceptability of freezer stored food. The acceptability is very low among the illiterate, only 20% of them consider it as good as fresh food; the acceptability rises among respondents with high school education, nearly 50% of whom are in favour of freezer stored good. But it drops again among those with higher education to around 40%. The survey however showed no difference between the views of men and women on this issue.

The survey was conducted by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International among a representative sample of more than 1000 men and women in the major urban areas of the country. The sample included a cross section of people belonging to various age, income, education and linguistic backgrounds. The text of this report can also be seen on the internet at: www.gallup.com.pk