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Majority of the Pakistanis prefer to have cars made in Japan.


According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 60% Pakistanis prefer cars made in Japan; 18% prefer cars made in America.

A nationally representative sample of adult men and women, from across the four provinces was asked, “Suppose you get a car as a reward, and four cars of the same size are placed in front of you. One is made in Japan, the second in America, the third is made in Britain, and the fourth one is Russia. Which country’s car would you like to have?” In response to this question, 60% of the respondents said they preferred Japanese cars, 18% of the respondents said they preferred American cars; 13% preferred British cars; 6% preferred Russian cars; while 1% preferred cars made in China or Pakistan, 1% respondent didn’t respond.