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Majority oppose death sentence to Saddam Hussein


A majority of the Pakistani urban population is opposed to the death sentence given to former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein. These findings have emerged from the latest survey by Gallup Pakistan on Current Affairs. When asked. Some people favor the death sentence given to Saddam Hussein, while some oppose it. What is your point of view? 72% of the respondents opposed the verdict, while 23% were in favor of it. Another 5% either did not know or wished not to give an opinion on the matter.

The survey also inquired whether the respondents believed if the decision of the Iraqi court is right or not. More than half (56%) of those interviewed stated that the decision is wrong, while 19% believed it is right and 25% of the respondents had no opinion. Furthermore, the urban population remains equally divided as to whether Saddam Hussein’s death sentence will be implemented or not; 44% of those interviewed believe that the sentence will be implemented whereas 47% believe it will not be done so and 9% gave no response.

Nearly half (47%) of the respondents believe conditions in Iraq will worsen after this decision as opposed to 17% who maintain that conditions will improve. 32% think that this will have no effect on the current situation in Iraq and 4% either did not know or did not give a response to the question.

The survey was conducted by Gallup Pakistan, affiliated with Gallup International, and was based on a sample of over 1200 respondents in the urban areas of all four provinces across Pakistan. This sample was statistically selected to cover all age groups, income and educational levels. The error margin in this kind of survey is estimated to be +5% at a 95% confidence level