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Measuring Vaccine Confidence: Introducing a Global Vaccine Confidence Index


Gallup Pakistan together with its UK WIN-GIA affiliate ORB has been working with Vaccine Confidence Group at London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in order to better understand Confidence in different types of Vaccines in Nigeria , Pakistan , India and UK. This research has led to this journal article being produced by Larson, Schulz, Tucker and Smith.

Public confidence in vaccination is vital to the success of immunisation programmes worldwide. Understanding the dynamics of vaccine confidence is therefore of great importance for global public health. Few published studies permit global comparisons of vaccination sentiments and behaviours against a common metric. This article presents the findings of a multi-country survey of confidence in vaccines and immunisation programmes in Georgia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom (UK) – these being the first results of a larger project to map vaccine confidence globally.

Data were collected from a sample of the general population and from those with children under 5 years old against a core set of confidence questions. All surveys were conducted in the relevant local-language in Georgia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the UK. We examine confidence in immunisation programmes as compared to confidence in other government health services, the relationships between confidence in the system and levels of vaccine hesitancy, reasons for vaccine hesitancy, ultimate vaccination decisions, and their variation based on country contexts and demographic factors.

Read more at: http://currents.plos.org/outbreaks/article/measuring-vaccine-confidence-introducing-a-global-vaccine-confidence-index/