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Media Research Training for SZABIST


On 18th November 2015, Gallup Pakistan conducted an informational session for students from SZABIST University at Gallup Pakistan head office, Islamabad. The 2 hour lecture was delivered by Umar Taj who is a Senior Research Executive at Gallup Pakistan and currently pursuing a PhD from the University of Warwick. The aim was to instruct media research students on the practical applications of media research by providing examples of the talk show analysis, newspaper analysis and annual Media Cyber letter that is regularly released by Gallup. While doing so, the lecture shed particular light on the use of TV ratings software in order to expedite the process of providing useful and accurate results. Students were also given copies of  our monthly and annual publications for further perusal.  The lecture ended with an interactive question and answer session to aid students in understanding the implications of this genre of research. Refreshments followed thus ending the session on a lighter note.

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