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The majority of Pakistanis, 63% rejoice over President Musharraf’s resignation, while only 15% regret it. 20% were ambivalent about saying they were neither happy or unhappy. Demands for Musharraf’s resignation had been rising consistently since November last year when he suspended the Constitution (see previous Gallup Pakistan polls: www.gallup.com.pk). According to Musharraf, the reason for imposing ‘Emergency’ was to safeguard Pakistan. In his resignation speech, he again cited Pakistan’s best interests as the reason behind his departure. However, 70% dispute Musharraf’s claim to have resigned with the motive of ‘Pakistan First’. Instead, they say he resigned in personal interest-‘Musharraf First’ approach. The majority of Pakistanis, 64%, also reject his claims of economic accomplishments and good government during his term. Surveys have shown that, rightly or wrongly, majority of Pakistanis attribute current economic crisis and inflation to bad policies of Musharraf regime.