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Newspaper Content Analysis Report – October 2019


In the 12 English and Urdu newspapers analyzed for October 2019 covering nearly 2600 opinion pieces, ‘Politics’, ‘International’ and ‘Economy’ issues dominated the space. (GALLUP & GILANI PAKISTAN)

Islamabad, November 20, 2019


According to a Monthly Newspaper Content Analysis Research Study conducted by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan under the supervision of Bilal I Gilani, Executive Director of Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, the main issues under discussion during October 2019 in the mainstream media belonged to the following three categories: ‘Politics’, ‘International’, and ‘Economy’. ‘Social’ issues received relatively less space in the newspapers, whereas topics related to ‘Security’, ‘Media’, ‘Religion’ and ‘Sports’ received scant attention in the 12 newspapers.

An analysis of the content of 12 national newspapers consisting of a total of 2,638 opinion articles/columns written by various columnists was conducted for October 2019. This is part of Gallup & Gilani Pakistan Media Research Division’s new initiative to empirically understand opinion leaders’ views on national issues.

This is the 23rd edition of this study. The rest of the editions (dating back to 2015) can be accessed at the following link: http://gallup.com.pk/polls/newspaper-analysis/.