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Only 3% of airtime on talk shows, during August, was given to discussion about IDPs and the floods.


According to a Monthly Research Study conducted by Gallup Pakistan Media Research Consultancy, issues related to Politics formed 71% of all debate on television talk shows with Azadi and Inquilab Marches by PTI and PAT the most discussed political issue at 37%.

During the month of August, Politics was the most discussed topic on television talk shows with 71% of the airtime. Politics was followed by Law at 15% and Governance at 4%. The remaining airtime was taken up by topics about Security (3%), Economy (2%), Media (2%) and miscellaneous issues (3%) which included the IDPs from Waziristan and the crisis created by the floods.

Within Politics, issues related to the long march by PTI and PAT, as well as, the sit-in in Islamabad dominated discussion. Azadi and Inquilab March/Sit-in was the most discussed issue with 37% of the total airtime for Politics. It was followed by debate over Imran Khan’s agenda (19%), Demands for PM’s resignation (10%), Tahir-ul-Qadri’s agenda (8%), Role of opposition, government and army in the ending the protests (7%), PTI/PAT negotiation with government (6%) and others (14%).